Important Update
The February meeting (Feb. 17, 2016) will be the last meeting at the UNCE location of 8050 Paradise Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89123. Please note that as of the March meeting (March 16), the new meeting location meeting location will be:

Sunrise Children's Foundation Lad Center
2795 E. Desert Inn Rd #200,
Las Vegas, 89121.

There will be a new call-in number provided before the March meeting. Meetings will remain on the third Wednesday at noon. Email for more information.

Want to learn more about the breastfeeding resources in Southern Nevada and join a group promoting breastfeeding to parents, doctors, nurses, lactation consultants and more? Attend an upcoming Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition meeting, held the third Wednesday of the month at noon.

Request for video suggestions
Dr. Madeleine Sigman-Grant is seeking members' suggestions for favorite videos FOR MOMS covering the following:
  • General BF info
  • Kangaroo care/ FIRST HOUR INITIATION
  • First week issues (engorgement, cluster feeds, soothing, etc.)
  • Weaning
Please send to

Maternal Child Health Star Rating System
Find out about the new Nevada program in the works to help moms and families know the steps that each hospital in Nevada has taken to be breastfeeding friendly. Find out more about your hospital when the new rating system launches in 2014.
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Hospital Breastfeeding Report Now Available
In 2011, the Surgeon General issued a Call to Action2 which lists a hospitalís responsibility to assist women in their goal to successfully breastfeed, as it is in the hospital that women begin to fulfill their decision. The overall objective is to meet the Health People 2020 Breastfeeding Goals. This is the 2012 assessment report for Nevada Hospitals.
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The Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition

Our mission is to inspire, educate and build community support to make breastfeeding the norm for infant feeding in Nevada. For more information, contact us at or visit the about us page.

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